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Focus on the Positive

focusYou will create more forward movement, positive energy from positive action than by opposing or being disgusted or horrified or appalled, and complaining constantly: “Doesn’t anybody care? Why doesn’t anybody do anything?” And then you wonder why you’re depressed?

It’s a self-feeding, self-perpetuating cycle. You’re depressed so you keep looking at it’s so terrible, when are people going to speak up, why don’t they care? And then the more you look at it looks like nobody cares, why is this going on so long, he’s doing another terrible thing, they’re doing another terrible thing, it’s so awful, it’s so terrible… and you get more depressed. And because you get more depressed you keep looking at it’s so terrible. You understand, sweet ones?

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Letting Go of Things

letting goIt’s time to decide that things ARE better and then they will get better.

It is a cause and effect conversation, darling ones. If you want things better, and you say it from a disempowered place, you are making a declaration to the universe that you are passive and powerless, and external forces are creating a world that is not better for you.

And then you have to ask the question “what does making it better” mean? Making it better really means right now, creating a different mood and energy in your body and in your consciousness… so that you feel more content and peaceful, unaffected by the five-senses physical world… on the cause level.

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Birthdays & Celebrations:

What Do They Really Mean?

birthdaysThe best ideal is about when you are four or five and you are blessed enough to be given a party and you just want all the cake and candy you can get, even if it is not necessarily the highest. But the sense of glee and joy of embracing the experience fully is what is so important. So even on a day when it is the anniversary of your incarnation, and let us say you have a stressful, difficult day or a very confronting day, what you say with that is "oh, I am aware I have these dark feelings. I bless them now. I bless my self that I can feel them and I dedicate them to being uplifted now to my highest good and to the highest good of all who can feel these feelings." You see?

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Pyramids, Dimensions, Disease, etc.

pyramidsThere is no absolute measurement of time

Now, the parallel to this is since time is quantum, everything exists in the present moment. All consciousness of all time is in the here and now, all at once. That brings us to a discussion of in the human body, the human emotions, the human psychology, the human spirit, ideas about what healing and disease are.

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Personal Transformation

transformationSo you are asking about 'personal transformation'?

Good, that is good.

So there is no such thing as personal transformation, there is only a greater, more accelerated and guided unfolding of who and what you already are on the soul level. What incarnate beings call "transformation" is actually a not-accurate idea.

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Creating World Peace

world peaceBy Living your Daily Life

Alright then. What was the topic for this evening? Does anyone remember? Something like bringing Peace to the world by living your daily lives?

Yes, well. What could be more apt, though we gave the topic quite a while ago, than studying that principle. Because as a collective, humans on this earth are now manifesting world leaders threatening, basically, to blow each other up. Not the friendliest of actions. Not perhaps, actions that appear to be stemming from Higher Light spiritual energies. So, let us look at that because this particular dark energy has affected every single one of you and millions around the world on a personal level that previous world events and politics have not. And there are specific reasons for that.

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