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Group Sessions

Introduce Kendra to your friends and loved ones!

Kendra offers two types of Group Sessions: Private and Public. See details below.

Private Group Session

So you've experienced Kendra either in a Personal Session, a Public Group Session, or through one of the many commentaries, transcripts and/or audio files provided here on KendraSays.

Now it's time to share the experience of being:

  • Profoundly understood
  • Supported
  • Taught by a master guide
  • In an environment full of insights
  • Uplifted with helpful revelations, as well as lots of laughs


Request a live, intimate, small group session to be held in person, by phone, or online.  If the logistics can be worked out, Leslie would also be happy to bring Kendra to your event.

If this event interests you, please fill out the Group Session Submission form, and someone will call you to discuss your desired time and date, as well as the focus of your event.

Request A Private Group Session Now

Public Group Session

leslie kendraKendra welcomes any and all who would like to join with other like-minded people in a public group session. Often Kendra will offer a teaching on a current or topically important subject, adding a metaphysical and spiritual context to our understanding of significant events in our lives. Participants may have the opportunity to ask Kendra questions, whether on the subject of the teachings or of a more personal nature. Depending on the size of the group, not everyone may be able to interact directly with Kendra, but everyone will leave with additional wisdom or guidance which can be directly applied in their personal lives.

Public sessions may be held in person, by telephone, or online.