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Endings & Beginnings

beginingsMaking the most of Life's Cycles

Kendra: (Performing a ritual lighting some resin incense over a piece of charcoal) Endings and beginnings, yes? This is the end of the charcoal, yes? The beginning of the flame?

Guest: Yes.

Kendra: The ash is the transition, yes? So is this a death or a birth? The answer is yes. (as the smoke rises) If this bothers any of you, it does not last long. Mind it not, please. (intake of breath; sustained blowing out)

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On Evil

wtc evil...and the World Trade Center

Perhaps one might think that in such times of stress one might re-define what meditation is to fit the particular needs of the moment... a walking meditation would serve, too, or a bicycling one, or an eating one, or a talking one, or an analytic one, or, or, or...

So how is it you imagine you will not be directly, personally affected by what is going on globally? The very air you breathe, the energy fields you live in are charged with energy and excitement and fear right now, feelings and thoughts and plans all out of proportion in reaction to heightened incidents.

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Transforming Dark Thoughts


When one begins to look at or talk about dark thoughts or feelings and what to do with them, how to work with them, what are they, what does it mean, "dark," to begin with? And, never mind acceptance and transformation - what does that mean? What do you mean "acceptance of dark thoughts?"

Humans tend to think: "If I accept dark thoughts I will manifest them. They will take me over. I will become them." What do you mean "accept and transform?" We will get to that. It is a powerful way of dealing with what you imagine are dark thoughts.

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Autumn Into Winter

Making Seasonal and Life Transitions Work

autumn winter

The topic at hand is transitions and making them work, as it were. So we could do the short version, which is: Transitions always work. They just don't always work the way you wish them to. End of discussion. Oh. Be happy, end of discussion. Or, we could have the slightly longer discussion which I assume you would rather have? Yes.

In times when the day becomes short and the dark night sky lives longer, even that bit of energy from the sun is precious that goes out so fast. One must remember that. (sound of birdsong clock; it makes birdsong sounds on the hour instead of chimes)

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Being a Spiritual Person

While Living in the Material World?


Well, first of all the answer is it means to be in the material world. If you area spiritual being and you are incarnate, in a body, you came here with a plan. You came here with something to do-- something to accomplish. And so, that you have chosen on the "soul" level to incarnate, to be in a body in the first place, is a great spiritual act of helping others.

So the first thing that you must know is that choosing to be incarnate, choosing to be born in the first place is already an act of being a spiritual person.

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