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From People Like You...

"What can I say? Kendra rocks! If you like Abraham-Hicks, you're gonna love Kendra. She conveys a superb understanding of and compassion for the human experience. The way she explains misunderstandings in New Age thought is extremely helpful, as well as her exquisitely detailed descriptions of how to manifest."

~ EL, psychotherapist

"I have worked with Kendra and Leslie over the past decade, and have only had profound, enjoyable and useful dialogues with her that have supported me in transforming the quality, nature and course of my life and work. Kendra has supported me in exercising my own awareness muscles in honoring my distinctive, nuanced path as I continue to follow the beat of quite a different drummer. As an artist and spiritual being, I am constantly exploring many facets of life including consciousness itself. I am very grateful and profoundly moved by the work I have been able to do, and continue to do, with Kendra within all my journeys. She's a real gift."

Tom Donley, Photographer & Filmmaker

"It is a blessing to know and work with Kendra! She has guided me and illuminated my life's path. In moments of worry, uncertainty and unbearable stress, I turn to Kendra because she "sees" me for whom I truly am. It feels good to be seen and understood. Kendra has emboldened me to be the person I am meant to be! With gratitude..."

EA, attorney