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What's Channeling?

Focused Receiving

Channeling is the act of focusing your awareness or consciousness so you can receive information from non-physical beings. Channeling means tuning into a higher frequency, sometimes referred to as the Astral or higher-vibration planes or dimensions. When you are channeling you are tuning into this higher frequency vibration to receive information from outside your ordinary awareness. This is similar to tuning in to a specific frequency on a radio to be able to hear a specific station.

Channeling is a specific kind of psychic activity in that it involves making contact with a discarnate entity who then can send communications and messages through the channeler.  Many (but not all) channels choose to work exclusively with one guide or spirit.  Some channelers repeat the messages from the guide; others allow the guide to speak directly through them.

When Kendra is speaking with a person or a group of people she fine-tunes the frequency of her vibrations to theirs in order to support and enhance their energy. Because of this people often feel uplifted and refreshed after a session with Kendra in addition to the insights they may have gained intellectually and emotionally.

A few famous channelers are Esther Hicks (Abraham), Jane Roberts (the Seth books), JZ Knight (Ramtha), and Edgar Cayce.

Channeling is not a casual undertaking nor a parlor trick and should be approached with caution and careful consideration. When learning how to channel it is important to study with a wise and experienced teacher who can help you develop your skills and avoid the potential of negative experiences. You will need to study gradually to learn how to manage the many subtle aspects of channeling, including how to set up and keep very strong safe boundaries when choosing which energies you will connect with and for how long.

In the light of inviting a non-physical being to exist in the same time-space with you, you should always seek to commune with only those entities that resonate with your higher good. Accept nothing other than the purest, highest and best energies for your experiences with the multi-dimensional world. And remember, you are in control.  You can and should choose with whom, how, and when you channel!