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Birthdays & Celebrations:

What Do They Really Mean?

birthdaysThe best ideal is about when you are four or five and you are blessed enough to be given a party and you just want all the cake and candy you can get, even if it is not necessarily the highest. But the sense of glee and joy of embracing the experience fully is what is so important. So even on a day when it is the anniversary of your incarnation, and let us say you have a stressful, difficult day or a very confronting day, what you say with that is "oh, I am aware I have these dark feelings. I bless them now. I bless my self that I can feel them and I dedicate them to being uplifted now to my highest good and to the highest good of all who can feel these feelings." You see?

So you do not deny dark feelings,. You do not deny growing older. You do not deny anything that you are afraid of or that makes you angry or that makes you frustrated or upset or sad. Because ultimately, as many of you here know, when the body passes, the soul does not. And unless you have Enlightened in this lifetime, which is possible - and it is possible – you will be back. And the idea is, when you re-incarnate, to come back happier, so that you have a happier life and can Enlighten. So that you have a happier life and can enlighten a little bit faster.

And how do you do that? By focusing on being as happy as you can right now. Building your karma for your future. And that does not mean denying dark feelings. It does not mean, "Oh, I am so angry, but I am a good New Age person and that is not a good feeling to have, so I will be on my path and I will not have the dark feelings."

Well, that is a lie, your body is already in the dark feelings. And you must be in your integrity. The truest statement is, "Ah, in this moment I wish I did not feel this, but I do. And so I take this anger, I take this dark feeling, I take this grief, I take this whatever, and I dedicate it to being uplifted to the highest good now. For myself and for all who can feel these feelings."