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Personal Transformation

transformationSo you are asking about 'personal transformation'?

Good, that is good.

So there is no such thing as personal transformation, there is only a greater, more accelerated and guided unfolding of who and what you already are on the soul level. What incarnate beings call "transformation" is actually a not-accurate idea.

So-called transformation is really about undoing and releasing learned, conditioned negative beliefs and habits accumulated from lifetimes of incarnate experiences.

When we allow ourselves to go quiet, to re-connect with ourselves in our inner world, we can remember who we really are as souls, and we instantly become happier. It is very difficult, when going through multiple physical incarnations, to stay "pure" and remember who we are on the soul level. We easily get confused and clogged up with mistaken ideas and beliefs, and the process of transformation is all about reclaiming our natural inner clarity, sense of personal peacefulness, and letting go of our learned habits that get in the way of our happily, instinctively, and easily being who we truly are as souls.

So personal transformation is really better thought of and experienced as personal unfolding, the gentle and consistent attainment of our experiencing and expressing our own true soul natures while here, incarnate, in this lifetime.