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Creating World Peace

world peaceBy Living your Daily Life

Alright then. What was the topic for this evening? Does anyone remember? Something like bringing Peace to the world by living your daily lives?

Yes, well. What could be more apt, though we gave the topic quite a while ago, than studying that principle. Because as a collective, humans on this earth are now manifesting world leaders threatening, basically, to blow each other up. Not the friendliest of actions. Not perhaps, actions that appear to be stemming from Higher Light spiritual energies. So, let us look at that because this particular dark energy has affected every single one of you and millions around the world on a personal level that previous world events and politics have not. And there are specific reasons for that.

This is the first time you have world leaders using psychological terrorism as one of their weapons. And your political leaders are masters at it. So they are trying to frighten you as well as the so-called enemies of your country are trying to frighten you. Why would they want to frighten you? Because they are so frightened that they will not get their way, that they think that the only way to succeed is to create more fear, worse fear, that they may have their way. What is crucial is that you go back and back and back, to the root level, the original impulse that they men who lead your country had, and go beyond the dark and go beyond the evil that they are doing and find the original pure impulse that was good. Where was the good intention in the heart of your so-called president? Where were the good intentions originally somewhere in the hearts of the people around him who are advising him? Where were the good intentions in the world leaders who are aligning with him?

And where are the good intentions of those who are opposing him, not only in self-interest? Do not think that those who oppose are so altruistic. Every player in this discussion is after self-interest. And that is at the core of why it is a more frightening and difficult time. There is no principle here, like with the last so called world war-- at least countries pretended to be fighting for humanity. This is different. This is personal.

Go back to the original impulse that was good. Where, buried in the murky brain of the leader of your country, was the original impulse to do something good? Find it. Go home. Meditate. Sit Quietly. Open your heart. Talk to him one to one in your heart. And find from him silently in dialogue, where was that impulse which was pure and good? It was there somewhere. Unless you believe that people can be innately and purely evil, there had to have been a moment when the impulse was good. You'll find that. It is hard work, I know, given the way he appears, pointing and threatening, you know. Find that impulse. Do the work.

And the way I ask you to do that is with the intention of finding compassion and understanding how someone gets from that original impulse to such warlike talk and actions that he has the power to command so many people to be prepared for war.

Now, you might say, but he is so powerful and I am only one person. I do not command armies. I cannot say "all of you come back from overseas, we will not fight." Some of you may believe that fighting is the right thing to do. I would not criticize you for that. I would ask you to examine when has fighting ever accomplished anything lastingly productive? Fighting feeds on itself.

So, I ask you, one-on-one, to find that good impulse, because when you go down to the essential nature of what it means to be incarnate and human, what you find is: beyond the trappings of power in the five senses world, that man has a soul no more powerful than yours. If you go back to the root moment of incarnating, no soul is more powerful, no soul is greater than any other soul. On the profound most deep soul level, you have as much power as a soul as that man does.

What is the difference? Why are you here and he in your capitol? He has invested so much belief in the five-senses material world that he is willing to kill people for money, for oil, for victory, for this, for that. For whatever he thinks it is. He has lost track of that he has a soul. And that that soul is no more powerful than your soul. So, when you meet any other human being, no matter how insignificant or world powerful they appear, when you meet them silently in your meditation and you open your heart to them, and most especially your so-called enemies, and you open your heart and you connect to them, one soul to another soul, it is peer meeting peer.

And if you can make that connection in your chakras, in your energy, in your auric world, believe me--it is literal. It has an affect on the other person's auric field. Whether they know it or not. It is the same as if I touch your knee. (Touching someone's knee) She felt it. Because it is five senses, she is aware of it. But I can sit here and aim a beam of energy at her and because she knows I am dong it she will feel it in her heart chakra. You did, yes? Very strongly. But I could do that to someone else in this room, which I am doing now, and not tell them and they will feel it anyway. You see? It is that tangible.

When you go down to the soul, talking to the soul, in silence, in the grand compassion of soul energy, you are as powerful as your world leaders. If enough of you talk to them quietly in the silence of your heart, preferably when they are sleeping, it will be easier to get in.

Bless them. Do not curse them. Do not hate them. Do not revile them. Do not chastise and make wrong. Because then you are no different than they. When you make contact from your heart, you say: please, I implore you for your soul's benefit, for your future lives, for the benefit of us all, meet me in this sacred ground of openness and sharing and compassion and light and healing. Let us find another way to attain our aims without fighting and without killing and without war. I invite you meet me here. If enough people do that you will see world events shift as you are beginning to see it happening.

How can you live calmly? How can you stay centered? How can you marshal your forces and your energies, and be a living vibration for Peace?

Because you see, the so-called "battle field" (and I say that in quotes) that he does not understand is the pure compassionate contact of the soul. He is alien there. He is so rooted in the five-senses world. So in a sense, because you know about the non-physical world, you have more power to invite him to visit you there. Invite any of the leaders. You see there are many ways to contain people who do evil deeds without naming the people as evil only. The most evil people on earth, somewhere in their lives, had moments that were purely good. Find them. Connect to them there. You will not get through their so-called defense of their power, of their ego, of their evil-tude (if you wish to call it that), not through the dark energy.

Now, how does this affect your daily life? Well, if you are willing to do an exercise like this now and again, you will find that you will feel very empowered. How does that work? Because by having to contact your own compassionate heart, you go back to finding where your original good impulses are. And when you remember that you were born, you chose to come into this incarnation, from joy, from good intentions and the suffering and the pain that you may have during your incarnations is dealing without how to negotiate what you originally wanted to attain while you are in the five senses world. That is always the dilemma of the soul. The soul comes in with its intentions and the five senses world is not the world of the soul. So with every incarnation, there are new... I do not like to use the word "lessons"... but new things to learn, new experiences to have, about how to manifest soul energy while incarnate in a body.

Try to remember what you came here to do that was good. Try to remember your pure heart. When you suffer, when you have anguish, when you are sad, when you have loss, when you have pain, when you have rage, remember that all of those emotions and feelings are coming because your soul does not know how to manifest what it came to do in the five senses world. So instead of, like my little friend here, continuing to try and light candles that do not wish to be lit right now, pull back. Stop forcing it. Go back to the original impulse. "Oh, I wanted light!" "I could turn on that lamp if I wished! Or perhaps these three candles are enough. It is not as pretty as Kendra asked for, but they are there. As long as we have some light, that is what we want." You know?

So, it is very important to understand the principle of pulling back. Pulling back when you meet the obstacle. When you feel frustration, pain, sadness, loneliness, rage. "That evil man – he is causing problems. They are terrifying me. I do not want my city blown up." Yes well, breathe first. And remember that it is your physical body that will die some day, sooner or later, that is afraid. The soul has no fear. The soul is not your body. The soul is not what you imagine is your illness. The soul is not what you imagine is your glory. The soul animates your five senses body and it is very important to incarnate multiple times because there are things the soul can only learn while you are incarnate.

As for your leader, he was very brutalized. He has generations and generations of brutalization in his family. What we don't want is for the rest of the world to suffer for that. But we must love the little child who was abused, who does not know how to be different that he is now. That is tragic. That is not evil. The actions he may take may be dark. And what you must do and I ask you to take this very seriously because some of you who think you have spiritual notions may think that this is a little bit controversial. I ask you to bless yourselves every moment of every day, that if some warlike activity happens, something happens, that it does not touch you. that you are safe, that you are protected, that your life stays in balance. I ask you to have intense self-interest and self-blessing and selflove first and above all.

Why would l do that? If you do not feel safe in your body, in your life, in your daily living and movements, you cannot help anyone else. You cannot sit in your meditation or in your imaginary talking state, and talk to that man and say, "Meet me here. You were a little boy once, some moment before somebody beat you, before someone humiliated you, before you were called stupid, before you were called evil, before you were praised when you were violent and you blew up animals when you were a young child and that was funny, before you were taught such utterly corrupted ideas, you were a good little boy. Sweet little baby boy come talk to me. Let us connect. My sweet little baby self wants to be with your sweet little baby self. And beyond that, let us forget about the bodies and talk soul to soul. If you must do these things, I will not let you touch me."

(to individual participants) If you are a force for good, if you are a force for good, if you are a force for good, each of you individually and you live that way and you insist on not being frightening, on being a beacon of light, it will leak out, radiate out and permeate everyone around you like the proverbial ripple in the pond. If you are the pebble, you can cause ripples and waves and if they build enough it might turn into a tidal wave across the world. You might never know with your human mind the effect you have on the world leaders. You will not know with your human mind, but you will see millions of people protesting fighting.

And you had something to do with that if you talked from your heart to whoever you have conflict with, whoever you think may be able to hurt you. You protect your self. You put a veil of energy around you. You make it beautiful white light that you are safe, that you are protected. You must take care of yourselves first, otherwise you can be no good to anyone else. Physician, heal thyself. Healer heal thyself. Spiritual being, bless yourself first.

And when you become frightened, when you becomes angry, as humans must because you are in bodies and it is part of being human, any emotions that you do not want to be feeling or that you judge or assess as not a good feeling, you say. "Oh, I realize now that I am so full of rage, I take this rage and I dedicate it to uplifting it, even if I am not able with my conscious mind to not be angry now. If I am so angry I want to do something, I take that energy and with my mind, I bless it that it uplifts and I do this on behalf of every living being that feels this energy. Here and now, so be it. I dedicate every experience I have to healing, to uplifting.

Your human mind may not ever know what affect you have, but I tell you with as much certainty as I say, the molecules are forming this to make it feel like a physical table (knocks on the table, a doggie in the room barks) - hello, it is only me, sorry, it is not a door. That is a good check on reality isn't it? I know I am tapping a table and he thinks someone is knocking a door.


That is how real the world is. How fixed, you see. So even that this is a table is debatable to him.

(More laughter)

You understand.?. So it is very, very, very important that you accept that you have powerful effects on the world around you by virtue of focusing your energy, focusing your thoughts, focusing your auric field and dedicating everything you feel, including the so-called dark feelings to the uplifting of all beings, whether they know it or not – all beings. Good and dark. Known and unknown to you. Human and other. For what you may or may not be aware of is, one of the reasons the situation your world is in right now seems so mysterious, like why suddenly now is it at this fevered pitch so quickly (aside from personal agendas that you can figure out), is that there are also many beings from other realms who are watching your planet now, because the people and not only your leader, but other world leaders who have come into power simultaneously, are not such a happy bunch. It is not only your leader.

The synchronicity happens to be that there are many world leaders who are dangerous because of their instability in controlling their impulses and their impatience, among other things. And they are intent on having only their own way. I ask you, talk to those people. Talk to the people who supposedly flew planes into your towers. For God, remember? They were fighting for God, they thought. They thought they were fighting for God against the evil. That's a very twisted, very, very corrupted idea of what God would want of anyone. I ask you, go under that, go back to when they were searching for God. Talk to them from your hearts and ask them, how did they get so lost from seeking God and seeking good to acting that way on behalf of what they think was God? No God energy would ask for destruction for ---- no true God energy would ask that it be represented in only one way to all people.

For god is, in fact, everything in the Universe. You are God, as well as God is God. The Christian God, The Jewish god, the Muslim Gods, the Greek Gods, the Roman Gods, the African Gods, You know, all Gods are all human representations of the God forces that animates the universe and that force is infinite in its expression. So this table is as much God as you-- although it does not have your power to think, you know? But it has some sensibility in that these molecules know how to stay that way so that it appears consistently to be a table. How do they do that? How do they not suddenly become food? There is some organizing sensibility, though it is not your kind of thinking. I hope I am provoking you a little bit, taking you to a different realm of looking at your world. How do you become stable and happy and peaceful in a world with is fraught with violence, terrifying you everyday?

You disconnect from believing that that darkness can affect you personally if your heart is pure, if your heart is dedicated to making your day as happy as it can possibly be. Anybody who is around you is happier. You are a ripple. And if you are on a subway car and there are fifty people jammed in tight and the rush hour in the morning and you are happy in your heart, do you not think that people feel that energy even if they do not know it consciously? You are like a radio transmitter sending out "happy, happy, happy." And somebody somewhere around you, unwittingly will go, "Oh, nice vibe." You have changed their life in that moment. Do not make that insignificant. Do not underestimate the power of your thought. Thought is electromagnetic energy. Electromagnetic energy animates the world. If you focus the power of your thought, if enough of you do it, you can change world events.

Water in a river does not ask a rock in the middle to move. It goes around it. Some water smashes up against it, but none of the water that smashes up against the rock when it is flowing stays there. And over time, over eons perhaps the rock wears down from all the water rushing around it, but it is not any one drop of water that destroys the rock. Water floats. You be the water. You will find there are plenty of rocks the world will throw in your path these days. Become adept at flowing around them and not losing your focus on "I am so happy. I so good. I am an energy for good. I am an energy for peace. Even when I am angry, I dedicate my anger to healing.

I am human, I am likely to feel these things. I am so frightened. I dedicate my fear to being uplifted on behalf of every living being who feels this fear with me now.

Let us uplift it to human. I feel this on behalf of human." So you take the emotion and you have it anyway. You cannot not have it, once you are in it. And you uplift it. So I have done a lot of talking, rather quickly. And many of you are traveling all around. So we will take a little break.

Blessings to all!